Saturday, August 23, 2014

Make A Dalek Make A Friend

So, I started a blog for the sole purpose of helping me host an Instagram craft swap. The interwebs are cool and useful. I've never blogged before (unless you count angst-y MySpace essays from the early college years) but I needed a place to store all of this swap information that was easily accessible and would help reduce the amount of emails I would receive. Selfish, I know.

Now, down to brass tacks:

In celebration of the season premier of Doctor Who and the 13th Doctor, I and a few of my IG friends want to partake in a Doctor Who themed craft swap. Think, mini quilts, sewn projects, knitted goodies, paintings, and embroidery awesomeness all centered around the Doctor and the universe he travels. This is my first time organizing a swap, so I intend to limit the participants to 100 swappers. (Truthfully, I'll be impressed if that many people want to join us).  My goals for this swap are to have fun, form new friendships, and make and receive cool Whovian things.

Now, to the business part. Rules: in order to have a fully optimized and fun swap, we have to have some.

1. You must have an Instagram account to participate. We will use #makeadalekmakeafriend to tag our work and keep up with our swap community. Tag pics of your works in progress and packages received so that we can all oooh and ahhh over how amazing it all is.

2. You must complete the Google Docs form at

3. You must have at least one form of social media that is public. I strongly advise that your IG account be public as the swap is primarily hosted on IG. This makes it easier for your partner to stalk you and create something based on your likes and interests.

4. This is a blind swap. You will create something for your partner in secret and not reveal your identity until your package is received. You will not know who is creating for you.

5. Please use quality crafting supplies.

6. Sign-ups will close September 1st, or when we reach 100 participants. I hope to send out partner emails with the form responses no later than September 5th.

7. The deadline for posting packages will be November 17th for international swappers and November 24th for local swappers. I wanted to stagger the due dates from other swaps I (and many of you) am participating in and be completed before December.

8. Please, please, please resist the urge to sign up if you can't complete the swap. Speaking from experience, it is no fun to have a partner who disappears and doesn't acknowledge gifts received or send creations to others. That being said, I understand that life can sometimes be a capital B. Please communicate with me if something happens and you can no longer participate so that I can recruit an angel swapper to take your place.

9. Have lots of nerdy fun.

 Allons-y and Geronimo!